Dream Specialized Hospital

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We are staffed Eligible Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, experts in the field of general obstetrics and gynecology who can provide a unique level of services.

Dr. Tariq Hassan Sheikh Badr

Dr. Seddik Adam Ahmed Haroun

Dr. Mohamed Awad Ahmed

Dr. Feryal Omar Mohamed Nour

Dr. Abu Talib Abdel Rahim


Dr. Abdul Baqi Al Zain Mohamed

Dr. Abdel Rahman Khaled Abdullah

Dr. Mai Mamoun Yousif

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahim Mohamed

Dr. Hajo Issa Ahmed

Dr. Abdel Mahmoud Al-Taher

Dr. Asilat Ali Mohamed Ali

Dr. Mohamed Shaa El Din

Dr. Khairy Hassan Khairy

Dr. Imtenan Ahmed Samaha

Dr. Noris Mahmoud Ezzeldin Abdullah

Dr. Ayman El-Tijani Mohamed Masoud

Dr. Sahar Abdul Rahman Al-Musharaf

Dr. Alaa Awad Omar

Dr. Shaima Abbas Ahmed Yahya

Dr. Raggda Ahmed Khojali

Dr. Aaya Abubakr

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