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Hospital Departments

Frequency of Specialist Clinics

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Clinics Department

Dream Specialist Hospital has full-time specialized and consulting clinics for obstetrics and gynecology in the building of the clinics complex connected to the hospital.
This department follows up pregnant women from the first months of pregnancy until the date of birth, where the pregnancy is followed up through periodic examination under the supervision of a group of consultants and experts in obstetrics and gynecology.

The clinic provides the following services:

  • Regular prenatal follow-up, periodic examinations, ultrasound, and care during and after pregnancy.
  • Regular follow-up of pregnant women with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy, with the availability of a nutrition section for diabetes cases.
  • Infertility treatments.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • Treatment of gynecological diseases such as bleeding, infection and various infections.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of gynecological tumors.

Emergency Department

This section deals with emergency cases with integrated medical care for pregnant women under the supervision of specialists over a period of 24 hours.
The emergency department is led by obstetrics, gynecology, and midwifery providers. Provide emergency care and triage services for low-risk and high-risk gynecology, general gynecology, urology, gynecology, and gynecological oncology. The department is supervised by trained female doctors and a qualified staff to deal with various minor or emergency cases.
The Emergency Department at Dream Hospital deals with emergencies that cannot wait. The department treats women who have gynecological problems, problems during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth and who need urgent care, such as gynecological bleeding and acute problems related to pregnancy.

We have the latest emergency services in the state with the availability of an ultrasound device to facilitate the diagnosis of critical cases with the availability of specialists 24 hours.

Obstetrics Department

The obstetrics department is one of the leading departments in Dream Specialized Hospital, and it differs from other medical departments because of its privacy. At Dream Hospital, we provide the best medical and health services for mothers and newborns according to the highest medical standards, taking into account the patient’s comfort and privacy.
The obstetrics department is supervised by a group of highly experienced and highly qualified consultant physicians, and the qualified female doctors and midwives in the department contribute to ensuring the provision of integrated medical care.
This section consists of 5 integrated rooms equipped with all necessary equipment and health and safety standards are taken into account. The department has equipped operating rooms dedicated to performing caesarean sections, in which the highest health quality standards are observed.
The maternity department is equipped with various medical equipments to continuously monitor the condition of the mother and fetus through centralized monitoring devices, where the mother is monitored at all stages of childbirth, and the monitoring continues after birth for the mother and the newborn. The newborn baby received all the necessary care for his safety from the moment of birth.
In the case of critical cases such as postpartum hemorrhage or pre-eclampsia, and the like, the department provides the most appropriate treatment and intervention.
The department is directly and around the clock supervised by female doctors who are trained to deal with all critical and emergency cases, monitor them, and quickly intervene to treat them, under the direct supervision of specialists and consultants.

Newborn Care Department

The Department of Neonatal Care is one of the main departments in Dream Specialized Hospital. This department is concerned with providing the necessary medical care for newborns and premature babies. It has a number of consultants, specialists, and qualified and highly qualified medical and nursing cadres capable of dealing with all cases of newborns and premature infants. The department has an integrated unit for newborns equipped with modern incubators to receive births that are not fully developed or that require temporary monitoring or emergency treatment, in addition to oxygen and cardiac monitors, and resuscitation and heating devices.
The Department of Neonatology specializes in the treatment of newborns from birth and premature babies. Located close to the maternity ward, it provides immediate care for children facing postpartum problems. Our dedicated team provides pediatric care services, and the department also includes an isolation room for potentially infected newborns. Among the most important cases that are received in the department are children who face problems after birth such as premature infants, cases of respiratory obstruction, jaundice patients, cases of congenital malformations and lung infections.

Intermediate Care Department

The Intermediate Care Department at Dream Hospital is concerned with treating emergency and critical cases and complications of pregnancy and childbirth that need to be monitored through a central monitoring system supervised by a qualified medical and nursing staff trained to deal with such cases.

Operations Department

The operations department contains (3) integrated operating theatres equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment, and the operating theatres are equipped with special equipment according to international standards.
The department can receive emergency and non-emergency cases such as (Caesarean delivery, cleaning and etc.), laparoscopic surgery (uterine and abdominal). Each of these theatres is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies to meet the needs of the surgery and anesthesia team from the necessary surgical procedures and equipment that the patient may need at this stage. The department includes a recovery unit in which the patient stays and her vital signs are monitored and the condition is evaluated in terms of gradually regaining consciousness after anesthesia.
The department is managed by a distinguished and highly qualified medical and nursing staff with long practical experience and works under the supervision of highly qualified consultants.

Laparoscopic Operations Department

There are rooms dedicated to diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, by the most skilled and specialized laparoscopic surgeons.



Department of Psychiatry and Neurology

This section is concerned with the turbulent psychological issue that facing the women in general and pregnant in particular are exposed to, including:

  • Mood disturbance caused by the menstrual cycle.
  • Menopausal depression.
  • Pregnancy depression.
  • Congenital nervous temperament.
  • Childbirth depression.
  • Childbirth psychosis.
  • Mental health conditions around childbirth.
  • Postpartum depression.

This department is under the supervision of a consultant psychiatrist, Dr. / Nile El-Gili El-Kabbashi

The Quality and Infection Control Department

The Quality and Infection Control Department aims to provide a healthy and safe environment that guarantees the safety of the patient, facilities and visitor during hospital stay and during the provision of all medical services in all the different departments, and to ensure the application of all preventive measures, precautionary measures and methods of investigation of infectious cases that are recommended to improve performance to ensure quality and create a healthy and safe environment And access to the lowest level of risks and transmission of infection, in addition to developing the skills of workers through continuous development and improvement programs in all different departments.

Dream Laboratory

The lab was established with the opening of the hospital in October 2010/, as the lab is the basis of the medical service and an integral part of the hospital.
Dream Hospital employs graduates of the faculties of medical laboratory sciences with MA and PhD holders, in addition to some other specializations such as: hematology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, oncology, and the laboratory conducts specialized examinations.
New tests have been introduced in accordance with scientific development and global accompaniment in the laboratory system and its applications.
The hospital’s specialization in obstetrics and gynecology made the laboratory focus on specialties and laboratory tests that do not exist in the country, for example thrombophihia tests related to abortion and its treatment.


This department provides pharmaceutical services around the clock for outpatient clinics, in addition to providing clinical pharmacy services to follow up the dispensing of medicines and drugs to inpatients and coordinate with treating physicians about drug treatments for their patients. This department is managed by a staff of experienced and qualified pharmacists and technicians. The pharmacy has various types of medicines and medical equipment that cover the required needs of patients.
The hospital has two pharmacies:
1. Internal pharmacy: It contains all kinds of medicines and medical supplies for women and children
2. Fertility Center Pharmacy: It contains all fertility and reproductive drugs

Nutrition Consultation Clinic

This section is concerned with:


  1. A healthy diet for pregnant and lactating women.
  2. Follow-up of weight gain and loss and monitoring.
  3. Food allergy in children and adults. 
  4. Nutrition and follow-up of chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases).
  5. Therapeutic nutrition for anemia.

Statistics and Medical Records

This department is responsible for ensuring that patient data and information are  preserved. In addition to birth registration.




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