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Dr. Bashir Abdelwahab

General Manager

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Welcome to Dream...

As General Manager of Dream Hospital, I represent our dedicated physicians medical professionals who work together to provide the medical services essential to achieving optimal long-term health. I am glad to welcome you. From primary and specialty care to long-term care, Dream Specialized Hospital provides compassionate care at every stage of your pregnancy. We feel deep pride and commitment to all those who trust our care. Our main focus is to provide superior care that exceeds national standards in quality, safety and patient satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer service provider in Obstetrics and Gynecology…

Our Mission

To provide superior medical services for pregnant women and infants and ensuring medical support and superior care to our customers through our talented people, state-of–the-art medical technology, advanced diagnostic equipment and adopting high quality standards…

Our Values

Dream Hospital Establishment & Timeline

October 2010 Dream Hospital History
Dream Hospital Establishment

The hospital was established in October 2010 as a specialized hospital to provide medical care for pregnant women, women patients and children, and the official opening was on 01/27/2011 when the hospital started with the emergency and operations departments, the normal neonatal department, and the neonatal intensive care department.

2012 Dream Hospital History
Hospital Development

The hospital continued its development in providing quality medical services, as inpatient rooms were added in 2012.

2013 Dream Hospital History
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatric clinics complex

In 2013, the Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatric clinics complex was added, which includes a selection of the most distinguished consultants of women, obstetrics and children in Sudan.

2016 Dream Hospital History
Modern Diagnostic Devices were added

At the beginning of the year 2016, a group of modern diagnostic devices were added in the field of laparoscopic surgery for women and obstetrics.

2018 Dream Hospital History
Royal Rooms

In the year 2018, inpatient rooms (royal) were added with a character that constitutes a mixture of medical care and luxury.

2019 Dream Hospital History
Dream Fertility and IVF

In the year 2019, the department (Dream Fertility and IVF) was added, which provides the best diagnostic devices in the field of fertility, which contributed to the localization of treatment.

2020 Dream Hospital History
Intensive Care for Newborns

In the year 2020, the department (intensive care for newborns) was expanded, as the latest medical devices and equipment were added.

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Central Bank of Sudan
Bank of Khartoum
Omdurman National Bank
Al Salam Bank
French Sudanese Bank
Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity
Al-Bagrawiya Oil and Gas Equipment Factory
The Sudanese Petroleum Pipelines Company
Khartoum Refinery Company
Giad Auto
Oil Energy Company (Petronas)
Sudanese Oil and Gas Corporation (Ministry of Oil)
Al-Khareef Petroleum Company
Nile Company for Technical Research
Sea Ports Corporation
Swiss Embassy
CIC Company
Sudanese Judicial Authority
Marble Engineering Company
Zain Telecom Company
The Arab Poultry Breeding Company
Sudanese Standards Metrology Organization
Military Industrialization Authority
Samil Industrial
Al-Basar International Foundation

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