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Welcome to Dream Specialized Hospital...

Dream Specialized Hospital is one of the first specialized hospitals in Sudan. It is concerned with providing safe births in the departments of natural childbirth and caesarean section using the latest technologies and medical devices through distinguished and highly experienced cadres. We put the ethics of the profession above all considerations, in order to ensure the safety of the mother and the fetus. At Dream Hospital, we provide comprehensive care for newborns and premature babies.

Dream Hospital is Characterized by...

Critical Pregnancy Doctors
The highest frequency of childbirth in Sudan
The presence of a resident specialist 24 hours
The speed of dealing with critical cases without administrative complications
The appropriate location, which facilitates the access of specialists
The presence of 3D & 4D Ultra Sound
The operating room is only for caesarean sections, which reduces probablility of infections
The following vaccinations are available:

Dream Hospital Operations Rate for 2021

What distinguishes Dream Hospital?...

The hospital has an emergency department that works around the clock with the availability of on-call specialists and an integrated neonatal care department with a blood bank for bleeding cases and a fertility center.

Why to Choose Dream?...

Complete Care on for you
Qualified Doctors
Best Medical Treatment & Surgical
Specialized Therapy & Support
Emergency Care

Inpatient Rooms...

 Each room has a flat-screen TV, wardrobe and is furnished to allow a relative or friend of the patient to stay with them. Each room is also equipped with its own bathroom. The nurse can show you how to control the bed, lights, nurse call system and TV.

Medical Devices in the Hospital...

The hospital has several medical devices in various departments, and these devices are periodically updated to ensure keeping pace and updating. These devices and equipment are periodically calibrated to ensure their compliance with specifications and standards and to maintain patient safety.


Dream Hospital Statistics...

Caesarean Operation Frequency

Obstetrics Department

Natural Deliveries Frequency:

Obstetrics Department

Endoscopic Operations Frequency:

Operations Department

Hysterectomy Frequency

Operations Department

Curettage Frequency

Operation Department

Adenoid Removal Operations Frequency:

Operation Department

Intermediate Operation Frequency

Operation Department

How to Find Us?...

Dream Specialized Hospital is located in the suburb of Al-Manshiya – east of Khartoum – in a geographically privileged location near the main street of the Al-Manshiya Bridge, which links between Khartoum and North Khartoum (Sharg-Elneel).

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